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[10's] Michaela May - You & I (2017)


[10's] Michaela May - You & I (2017) Empty [10's] Michaela May - You & I (2017)

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Michaela May - You & I (2017)




[10's] Michaela May - You & I (2017) Michael%20May%20-%20You%20%26%20I

You had me on my knees
And you never knew what you did to me
Now I, I got nowhere to go
Now heart, no home
You told too many lies
Don't pretend, you didn't play me blind
Cause I, I already know
You left long ago, and there's nothing left to do

Get you off my mind
Leave it all behind
But one thing before you go
Don't you forget

Take a picture of my broken heart
You hung me like a piece of art
Fell together till we fall apart
Don't you look down, don't you look back
You're never gonna see me cry
Until you remember you and I
You and I

Don't say anything to me
Go ahead and leave, take your dignity
Cause I'm okay on my own
Better off alone, and there's nothing left to do

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